Globe Tattoo's iPad 3 Launch

As you may have noticed, I've been on a little photography spree lately, hence why there aren't as many photos of myself. I can finally say, that all the main events are finally over and its time to start sharing my own personal style again. But I guess its nice to mix up my blog-posts from time-to-time just so you know that my blogs not just about me.

Last night was the debut for Globe Tattoo's the new iPad 3, along with introducing its newest ambassadors: Miggy Chavez, BJ Pascual, Geogina Wilson, Charina Sarte, Chuvaness & Tim Yap. Everyone got the chance to meet and greet the celebrity star ambassadors along with having the chance to able to inspect the latest iPad in this funky glass-room set up. There's not much to say about the latest iPad as it's still has the same features as the previous iPads, but its output speed has dramatically increase since the previous model. Although, I didn't really take the time to critique, I'm sure there's many new features i'm yet to come across. Stay tuned with the latest Globe iPad 3 release on


  1. Is it Miggy Chavez or BJ Pascual? or Both are new ambassadors?