Lucid Layering

Outfit: Burgundy sando and blue skinny carrot pants from Topman, white button up by FCUK, belt and bracelets from SM Accessories and burgundy shoes from Shoelab (Topman)

Comments: Apologies guys for not being able to update my blog, I've been away from the internet for the longest time! As for Manila being so hot these days, I chose to go with my Topman sando layered with the FCUK button up, just so i'm prepared for extreme temperature. Weather these days have been so intense, even when I'm taking photos I can still manage to build up a sweat. At least when that time come, my shirt can easily be removed. Simple.


  1. It's alright robbie... that's why this is called off duty anyway :)

  2. can you spell "gwapo"
    r-o-b-b-i-e : )

  3. it's obvious that u like never fail to wear one item on most of your shots..