SM Ladies Fashion

Philippine Fashion Week has finally arrived! Although it started on Tuesday, today was the introduction of the corporate brands starting with none other than SM Department Store. It was only the moment I stepped foot in that I was notified that SM removed their Mens collection this year, so I became little unenthusiastic in the beginning. With me being a guy, it's understandable as i'm their to see what SM Mens have in store. Not a problem though because once the show started, the loud-heavy beat certainly grabbed everyones attention.

The fashion show was fab as usual and I definitely have to congratulate SM and its team who put together so many outfits, the show felt like it was going to go past my bed time. And having a waiter next to me the whole time with a bottle of wine, I nearly ended up finishing the bottle! Haha.

Tonight i'll be attending the Menswear Fashion Show. I'm quite excited, because the Philippines has good reputation for having the most radical designers who really know how to turn heads with their design and creative stage designs. I guess some of you fellow readers may possibly be questioning why i'm not modeling for this event? Well to answer that question, the show's definitely more exciting to watch than to model. Stay tuned.

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