Globe Tatt Award Nominations

Hello fellow readers! Now other than expressing about my particular style today, I'd like to call out to all my fellow style enthusiasts, the pioneers of adventure, indie rockers and all the game changers to please check out Leaf through the numerous categories and nominate who you think would be great for this years Globe Tatt Awards 2012 representatives! Last chance!

A little introuduction about me.
Some of you may be wondering how am I all of a sudden assosiated with globe telecom? Haha well incase you didn't know, I have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the Representatives under the 'Tatt Council' to blog and keep everyone updated on this years Globe Tattoo Awards.

The nominations are open for everyone, so if theres some you know thats well suitable for the particular category thats listed, by all means write there name down and submit away! If you would like to keep updated on the Tattoo Award Nominations, please visit our blog in assosiation with Cheyser Pedregosa, Carlo Villarica and myself on


  1. Cool!! Excited for this! Are you attending the awards night?