iButterfly, Philippines

Yesterday was the launch of SM Supermalls, iButterfly held at SM North's The Block. Before attending, everyone was notified in advance to download the iButterfly iPhone application to be able to participate in the upcoming activities. As soon as I was informed of this, I knew this was going to be something fun!

Envision an application that allows you to see digital butterflies flying across the screen of you mobile phone! Everyone was blown away not knowing how easy this application was to attain and experience on our iPhones, Blackberry's and HTC.  The butterflies became coupons in which you can claim through the given outlet stores such as Kenny Rogers, McDonalds, Krispy Kreme, BDO, Greenwich and many more. it was a totally new experience to advertising. 

The event was a great turn out, not knowing that all my close friends were going to be there. With many prizes to be won, this definitely got the attention everyone to participate!  

Feel free to check out this video and link to know about more of iButterfly Philippines

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  1. That's so neat! Since you have an iphone, do you also have instagram? : )