Oxygen: Philippines on Edge

Oxygen Clothing have been in the Philippine fashion game for years, and up until today they never cease to amaze the audience. Even if you have your seats reserved, this is a fashion show thats mandatory you arrive at least one hour beforehand.

First-hand let me say, I'm truly overwhelmed of the fashion standards that were set by the fashion show, and also that was displayed by the audience. I love seeing Filipino's experiment with different designs (as long as it's not too extreme) as it gives me new inspirations. There has been a vast increase in the fashion standards from last year. This is the case for both men and women. There was a lack of fashion show etiquette last year, but I see no signs of that this time around. I'm hoping we keep up the pace that we're at right now because in turn, it will really encourage more international brands to set up base in the Philippines.

Hope you enjoy browsing through the photos and hopefully some of you may find new inspiration for yourselves and a special thanks goes out to my mate Dan Buenaventura of Status Magazine!


  1. Love your photos! Mind asking what camera and lens do you use? Love your blog man!

  2. Love the clothes!