Lust For Life

Since it has been a while since I have last posted, much has happened in the city of Manila. One thing about the Philippines that I'll never get over is its hunger for nightlife social connection. Every week there is at least one or two events. Either a new brand is debuting or a new restaurant that's just opened, the city of Manila is resting. Previously last week had been the opening for Australia's Cotton On clothing, opening in SM Megamall. Since I'm from Australia, this isn't my first time to get a glimpse of Australia's fashion sense. I did find a few items I liked such as the maroon button-down that I'm wearing and let me say, it's so much cheaper than back home in Australia! I chose Maroon because it's quite a newly introduced color which has certainly caught a lot of attention. But take in mind, it's a color that can only be worn with specific tones. With that being said, this was what I managed to put together.

KOMONO wooden frame sunglasses

Maroon button down from Cotton On, grey shirt from Arvust, chinos from Topman, General pants socks, Industrie desert boots, KOMONO wooden frame sunglasses and watch from SM Accessories.


  1. Cool!! but I personally think that maroon is a very versatile color.. it can complement any other color such as red and orange or even blue.. you just have to be careful with the hue, tone and shade since it all makes the difference.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

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