Cebu Pacific x Visa

What an amazing day I had yesterday thanks to Cebu Pacific's newest collaboration with Visa. Days like these that make me very privileged to be based here in the Philippines. Sometimes I have those days where I'm in Manila thinking to myself wtf am I doing here - I could be spending time back home with family and friends, but when I have spontaneous days like these I think to myself, "no way would I get the chance to do something like this back in my hometown in Australia". So this was definitely a memorable experience for me.

Thanks to Bridges PR, bloggers such as Laureen, Kelly Misa and I were invited to the Cebu Pacific & Visa luncheon event to witness the official partnership between the two empires. It was quite interesting to hear what was said throughout the conference as I learnt some interesting statistics, one being: up to 90% of airfare purchases are paid in cash. So it became apparent that one of the few reasons for the collaboration is to help promote VISA for people to purchase electronically. And they've also included a loyalty program to help piggyback the collaboration.

Shortly after the press conference, it was announced that they'd be giving all the press who attended the event a new VISA card with P10,000 pesos. Of course, there was a catch though haha - we had to spend it in 30 minutes within the premisses of Resorts World Mall where the event was held. The pressure was on! It was insane to see people around me light up like a bulb yet at the same time become all hesitant, because weren't sure what to buy let alone not know anything about what's available in the mall. With me, I had my mindset on purchasing airfares, so the young traveller inside me gets the chance to be set free! Laureen and I ended up spending our money on return tickets to Hong Kong and IloIlo. What a bargin! But of course, there was internet connection dilemmas and such so we didn't get to spend all of the money... Not to worry though, I was thankful enough to have been given this opportunity.

 The sign of a business venture collaboration through a credit card swipe!

 Can't forget to include the foodporn 

 Assistant staff were assigned to Laureen and I to help keep us from going insane with the amount of time we had to spend. I'm sure my assistant looks at me differently now hahaha.

Special thanks to Franco Santos & Nicole Jacinto of Bridges PR