When you have photos like these, no matter what you are wearing the content is straight-up legit! Location and lighting is definitely the key. Even a standard camera can take photos like these when held in the proper hands. Haha it makes me cringe when I see someone who goes out of their way to spend so much money on an awesome camera and yet produce poor photos. No matter what camera you have, trust me you can do it!

I really enjoy shooting with my mate Khai because we have an awesome bond when it comes to photography aside from being good mates as it is. Enthusiasts we are!! If we are not learning from each other then we are always learning something new by taking things to the next level.

Hope you enjoy the photos.
Robbie Becroft

Rooftop access is not permitted for all people, so at one stage we had to keep a low-down from the security guards to avoid getting caught.

The face of Cheap Monday. I have previewed this shirt a few times and by looking how gnarly they logo is, it's well aware I can't get enough of it.

I miss these shoes so much. They're always hiding at the back of my wardrobe so I never see them when I pick out shoes to wear. It's cool that I brought and wore them out because this pic Khai took pretty much looks like billboard material.

H&M Pants, Boxfresh shoes, Topman hat + socks, Cheap Monday tee and KOMONO sunglasses


  1. nice shirt


  2. you've dot mustache now... very rugged look... nice....

  3. robbie what are your pants made of?.. i mean the what is the fabric ? ...

  4. what is the model of your boxfresh boots?

  5. Love your blog & style~ So refreshing<3


  6. Dude, i love the qualities of your pictures. what lenses do you often use??

  7. im digging your wooden frames!
    where can you get those here in the philippines?
    cheers :D

  8. love this post, UNSTOPABLE.