Soft Blue Matter

Taken outside the highly recognized entrance of Greenbelt 5, I managed to sneak in the time to get a few photos shot and at the same time try and teach my girlfriend a few tips on photography. I didn't want to waste this outfit by not having it shot because I really like the color palette consisting of mustard and navy blue, definitely a great mix. Although I'm no fashion guru nor I aim to be but when I usually pick out an outfit, I obviously focus on two colours first before getting more of a variety going. 

So in this case my primary outfit colors were mustard and navy blue. After I established the two I have the choice to follow through choosing either of the same colors to wear for my pants or in this case I opt to wear a darker tone of the mustard and chose brown pants as my secondary choice.

Seeing as the pants I wore were brown, that was my chance to layer it up again by adding my Brixton Air-Force cap.

Apologies for the pants and socks looking abnormally scruffy but I just wanted to show how I just randomly picked any pair of socks to go with my pants and boots.

Pants from Topman, Socks from SM Department Store, Industrie Shoes, T-shirt by Arvust, Blue Tommy Hilfiger button down, Brixton hat


  1. who's your girlfirend ? :">

  2. Girlfriend?? Stop using laureen please!!