The Esquire Ball

Time flies so fast and I still can't believe it's been a year since the grand debut of Esquire Magazine with our very own Many Pacquio on the cover. What a night that was last year! Of course, it's nothing I could ever back up again but no doubt about it, Esquire knows how to celebrate in style. Held in the Makati Shangri La Ballroom, the size of the venue was phenomenal. With over 500 people in attendance, there was still space to manoeuvre around without building up a sweat. Everyone was there, as in EVERYONE from editors & writers of magazines, businessmen in all fields and all the way to biggest celebrities of the Philippines showbiz industry. It was marvellous to see everyone go out of their way to look their best as the night just oozed of class and royalty. Let me share you my night in the ballroom.

I just knew everything had to be black and white. The images looked fine in color, it's just nice to see everything differently in this particular style. Reminds me of France just a tad.

 Lau and I came in late as usual but we bring the fun to the party!

 Lanvin oversize bowtie on the skinniest neck.

 Bianca Gonzales was looking effortlessly amazing. She really grabs everyones attention with her beautiful look and of course, an awesome personality to back it up.

Good friend Nik Juban. This guy knows how to wear clothes and he's backed that up for a long time now.

Esquire dream team captain Mr. Erwin Romulo

 Mr Esquire

 Lizzy with her new found friend Adrian. Both great value.

No I didn't drink that night haha.

 Mr Esquire, Mr Magic Mike

Ash Rye brings great chats to the table, no matter who's sitting down.

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