It was 8:30am when I received a phone call from Coleen, waking me up saying “Rowb, come na lang with me to ABS kasama ni Krissy & Erika. They’re going to watch Showtime and you should come with!” I wasn’t really sure how to respond seeing as I was caught by surprise – not sure whether I should have been excited or a little anxious. Seeing as I was pumped for a busy week ahead, I talked myself into starting the week with a little backstage photography so people can get an idea what it's like behind the set.  

After cooking an awesome breakfast (scrambled eggs on toast with chilli sauce and pepper), I quickly got change in preparation, ready to be picked up by Coleen and the rest of her entourage - all set for what would be a day in the life of my little sis Coleen Garcia.

Walking through the backstage vicinity of ABS-CBN television station, it was really overwhelming for me to discover how colossal the networks location really is. Having lived close by for nearly a year now, I never really paid attention to the architecture and size of its location, so it was all so new to me.  For a TV station that's been situated for decades, I have to give it to ABS-CBN for being very well maintained, taking in mind that tens of thousands of people walk in and out each day.

Catching up with small chit-chat and discussing plans ahead, a lady shortly after barges into the Coleen’s dressing room screaming “Miss Coleen, we are live in 40 seconds!” Coleen drops everything, unravels her tightly curled-up hairdo and bolts down the corridor running at full pace in her neon green high heels! Everybody makes way for her. “Holy shit!” I thought, “now that's Filipino timing!” what a transition that was from make-up, shortly followed by live on air! Believe it or not, that's just a regular day in the office for these guys.

Shortly following Coleen to the set, the guards escorted Krissy, Ericka and I to the main seating area where we finally caught our first glimpse of Showtime, live on air. It was amazing. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. Everyone was dancing, jumping up and down with excitement as the show kicks off with its introduction spiel.  The feeling was very surreal, definitely a feeling I could get use to.

I love this guy. He's a stage operator and at the same time a part of the act. You can just tell he's loving life. Happydayze. 

There was definitely some strange and interesting acts performed but nonetheless, everyone including myself were all in laughter.  

Towards the end of the show, I thought to myself - for a TV show that airs live for roughly 2 hours, Showtime is definitely packed with a variety of mystery and surprises. Taking the time to exhibit everything first hand is also an adventure of its own and for sure it won’t be my last time to visit. I highly recommend it if you ever have the opportunity to catch any of their live shows at ABS-CBN. Even just witnessing everything happen is a whole different experience of its own.

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