Not often would I share my personal side on my blog but lucky for  my good friend Ralph Mendoza of Philippine Star and I, we took  the opportunity to capture the moment on film.

It all started via text when I messaged Ralph about meeting up to take some photos for my blog as I really admire his photography. So to be honest, we hadn't even met prior to shooting, upon meeting Ralph for the first time we both decided to eat at Rustan's in Katipunan as it was the most convenient location. We realised we are sharing the same interests and creativity. It was merely a coincidence that we came up with the idea of shooting in the grocery store because everybody knows food and fashion is a great combination. 

A big thank you to my newest sponsors Original Penguin. Throughout my life I have been wearing Original Penguin clothes, simply because they never fail with quality and consistency. Literally not only were these clothes designed for the fashion trends but from personal experience my Original Penguin polos have lasted for years!

SM Accessories backpack worth only Php899.00 - Get in quick because I know they're selling fast.

Some of you may wonder, how was I able to get away with shooting in the mall?. Well the trick is easy, either be a foreigner like me and smile and pretend like you have no idea what's going on in life or carry a film camera with you so it doesn't look like a legitimate photo shoot is occurring. The thing with security guards in the Philippines these days is that they think that even if you carry a DSLR camera around, we are automatically dubbed as professional photographers taking advantage of a location without permission. I understand that they are doing their jobs, but sometimes I feel that security guards escalate situations unnecessarily because really we are not threatening anyone with our cameras or doing reconnaissance, we're just trying to be creative.

Shirt and hat from Original Penguin, Zara pants, Ray Ban wafers, Sm Accessories backpack, Converse All-Star shoes. 


  1. dragon fruits. something big might be up for these. we're currently working on these in the lab. :)

  2. Is your watch Timex weekender or Daniel Wellington?

  3. Hey Robbie I just wanna ask what do you use to resize your photos? Great set btw. The film shots came out really nice.

  4. Make sure you guys check out for more shots on film. Thanks for this, Rob.