Apologies for the delayed blog post. Many things have happened in the past week, good things of course. I’m actually in the process of redoing the layout and format of my blog, which is looking really dope at the moment. I can’t wait for you all to see my new format. I’m also about to make a job offer for anyone interested in becoming an intern photographer for me, so if you happen to know of anyone that would be interested, please keep him or her in mind.

If you’re curious as to where these photos were taken, it was actually done at the ZALORA warehouse out in Paranaque. I had just finished my photo shoot for their online store and seeing it was a change of scene, it looked pretty cool to go with the grunge vibe inside the warehouse. I’m hoping the weather doesn’t consistently rain like it has been recently, because it’s been a real challenge for me to get around, seeing as I don’t have a form of transportation yet in Manila. Wish me the best of luck getting around!

Green and red is always a nice mix but the hard part about pulling it off is by not making yourself look like you're dressed for a Christmas celebration. With this outfit, I feel I can get away without that first impression due to the pattern shirt and my new mustard high-tops from Sebago to relax the contrast of the colors. But I always like to mention, if you're happy with what you wear, then by all means go with your mood.

Mustard shoes from Sebago, green chino pants from Zara, Cheap Monday shirt via Zalora and custom watch.

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  1. Can't wait to see that design. I designed some bloggers' blog myself :D http://bit.ly/BlogsDesigned that internship is pretty interesting. I might try out :)