Haha I find it quite entertaining the fact that the title of my blog post states that I'm on duty, whereas the content of my pictures clearly state that the otherwise. After changing into my second outfit, I was given the opportunity to meet the marketing team of RWM as they were so kind enough to treat me merienda at Republiq Cafe. They were really down to earth and hospitable people, so we all got along really well which made the shoot feel a lot more relaxing and less tense. Seeing as the shoot was going to take another hour or so, it was nice and convenient to just easily find a restaurant to dine in on such short notice.

For my second outfit wearing Original Penguin as collaborating clothing apparel for RWM, I manage put together this dope khaki/green ensamble in a span of 5 minutes when I was picking out clothes from the Original Penguin clothing store. Not often would I wear khaki pants, but in this case, it really blends well when mixing and matching shades of green. Be sure to add some accessories like the cap I'm wearing just to take away the commando vibe, otherwise you're gonna look like you just came back from a Desert Storm operation in Afganistan haha.

Original Penguin fitted from top to bottom

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