It was a successful turn out for Lyle & Scott as they relaunched their latest menswear collection, held at the newly anticipated Imperial Ice Bar, Fort Bonifacio. Models, bar tab, giveaways and the lot were happening all at the same time. Lucky for me, not only was I invited to attend the event, I was also included as part of the show. It was finally my night off where I could just drop everything and relax. But with that being said, shortly after my friends arrived, the night was then followed by an epic follow-up getting my rocks off on a wild adventure. Don't judge haha, it doesn't happen all the time.

Hideo & Fatima looked awesome together on the night. Great Company

 Also newly engaged couple Anton Del Rosario and Samantha Richelle

After the fashion show, we were literally forced by the production to follow through with drinks and other mixed beverages, making it the perfect venue to kickstart my night. Each table was given shot glasses made up of tequila and water shots. Whoever was fortunate enough to down the tequila shot won a prize. Believe it or not it was me, and I went home that night with a P3,000 Lyle & Scott button down.

I thought this was a pretty awesome photo to include: Camera, Drink, Smoke. Can't go wrong for entertainment.

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