For a guy, a backpack is the handbag of mens fashion. People who are always on the move like me, rely on backpacks to carry everything from point A to point B. Whether it be my camera, laptop, charger, hats, clothes, shoes, food, you name it - I'll always rely on a quality backpack that never lets me down... Especially when I come off my longboard. 

When I recently got in contact with newly opened BREE Philippines, they were kind enough to invite me to the latest store opening located by the new East Wing of Edsa Shangri La. At first, I honestly thought I was walking into a boutique store, a somewhat similar feeling like I got the first time I entered Louis Vuitton as a kid. It was cool and I was happily welcomed by the kind staff followed by a quick introduction about the products available. Believe it or not, their products weren't expensive like I had imaged them to be! Very affordable. 

For me when I acquire a backpack, I want my bag to last me for a very long time and I'm sure that's what everyone wants also. There's definitely no going wrong when I say that the quality of these bags are immaculate and especially when they're optional water resistant. So I'll now no longer have to worry about my laptop when it rains, unless I get pushed into a pool. Check them out and see for yourself!

Shirt from Ben Sherman, Cheap Monday skinny pants, Bree backpack, Topman fedora

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  1. I really like how you dress yourself.