"Where's your will to be weird?" is a famous quote by none other than the weirdest man who ever lived, Jim Morrison, frontman of The Doors.

Ever since being introduced to The Doors at a young age, it's only until now that I've actually learnt to appreciate the philosophy of Jim Morrison. A weird man he was, Jim was a well respected human being for being true to himself. He lived a life of no shame, nor regret and was able to turn his life around by doing what he loved to do.

Unfortunately these days, it can be a little hard to live a lifestyle like his, with the amount of pressure surrounding us to succeed in life. We also have to accept that there are only few like Jim Morrison who naturally has a tendency to make things go his way. But every time I look up to any of my idols whether it be Jim Morrison, Bruce Lee or even my very own father, the lesson to be learnt is that nothing is ever free in life. If you want it, you have to go get it yourself.

Haha.. Yeah, we have all been told this at one stage but really has the message ever sunk in? Life is weird itself so you can't expect things to magically go your way. But if you want something in life so bad, you really, really have to feel it, vision it and achieve it on your own. When you do, It won't matter what anyone else says because at least you have proven to yourself that you are independent to do things on your own. So even if you fuck up occasionally, don't give in, take a breath, get your head back up high and make something of your life… Give purpose to your life.

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