For what's  noted as my last  post in Australia, is  just the beginning for what's yet to come in Manila. Transiting
in Brunei International Airport upon waiting for the next flight, my mind's pacing at sixty frames a second as I'm 
finding myself  so eager to return back to Manila. Exciting as it may seem, I'm not there for the party, stuff that, 
I'm coming back to step up my game because I actually wanna make something of my life. I could say being back 
in Australia had felt like I was taking  two steps back but on the flip side, I've  never been so keen hunger driven 
to finish off what I've started. So keen.

Regatta short sleeve button down, Thrifted blue 70's style high cut zipper jacket, Seiko Nato strap, H&M Pants
and HUF 5-Panel weed cap.

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  1. Hi Robbie,

    I'm wishing you all the best!
    How I wish I could go back to the Philippines to experience a new adventure.

    Take care always! : )