Unknown Whereabouts

Since arriving back to the Land Down Under, I've thankfully worked myself into a productive sleeping pattern, making the most use of my time when possible. I'm always happy to be back home in Brisbane, but at the same time I miss being in Manila where the city never sleeps. There's so many places to visit in Brisbane and when you have the time to explore, you'd be surprised what you can find.

Alternative way to stirring your coffee... Well done haha

Yesterday when Khai and I were passing through the central district, we found an abandon factory located near the top hill part of Margret St. It was insane to see this alleyway-esk hangout area by the rear of the factory which had been well exposed to graffiti artist and druggos to secretly hang out and mark their territory. What led us to hanging around there - I dont know, but we were curious to check out the building to see if we could access the rooftop for some scenic photography.

SM Accessories watch 

We tried to access a rooftop of an unknown building in Queen St, but shortly after I captured this photo, security staff had caught us and escorted us back down.

Haha definitely a Hogwarts feel, Broadway Mall is great to check out if you keen snoop around. I had no idea never bothered to check out the second level but it was surprising to see what kind of shops were located there. I didn't even know they had a cafe (closed at the time) there, that we were inclined to hang around to see if we could get served.

Boxfresh rope-up satchel bag, HUF 5-panel cap, AS Color burgundy oversized tee, Lee skinnies and  Boxfresh hightop shoes


  1. The coffee stirrer!


  2. love the over sized tees! Have a great day!! :)


  3. go and win Laureen Uy back! you two are perfect!

  4. the coffee stirrer was ew but cool.
    hi Robbie! *winks ",


  5. cool places, especially the graffiti walls!