Little did I know upon arriving back to Manila it was already Holy Week. Ahh yes, the one and only week where you would actually find the majority of Manila deserted, as everyones already embarking on their summer festivities. The first day back was also the very same for me, having booked my trip to Sipalay beach with the family led by main man and cousin, Jing Monis of Jing Monis Salon. With Jing in charge and leading the way, it was no surprise that it was going to turn out to be one of the best Holy Week vacations I've experienced so far. Here are some of the photos taken last Saturday night with my cousin and his friends.
The almighty Ces Cho  from South Korea. Now  this guy is definitely a character of his own. Never have I met anyone with a persona like his and finding the right way to describe him is a mystery of its own. If we all tallied the amount of alcohol we  consumed that night, it would  no doubt be Ces ranking in as number one. With this guy being thirty somethin', by the end of the  night, he was the one barfing and  crawling his way back to bed! Haha what an animal... And believe it or not, this guy has a native tongue for tagalog.

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