Welcome To the Jungle

As of lately, I’ve found myself meeting lots of new people in Australia and adventuring places I'd usually skip. This has truly opened my mind to new and exciting activities in which my camera and friend Khai, is always there to document. After hanging with some friends and playing Xbox, Khai had planned to take me to some deserted car parks downtown for downhill skateboarding, and I must a note that a 9 level car park with an elevator taking us all the way to the top made it all worth it when we came back down.

The eerie feeling of a desolate car park can really place upon you, and open your chain of thoughts with a surreal feel. As I skated down the dim lit empty car park with the wind effortlessly waving all my attire and hair, the mood was instantly set. A combination of mismatched fluro lights with a scent of grit, made for amazing lighting that neither of us had really utilized in the past.

Thrifted camo jacket, Topman skinny carrots, Boxfresh hightop kicks, Yeezy Taugh Me Tee Unkown

Khai Van Kampen


  1. I like your Yeezy Taugh Me Tee!! Awesome pics :)


  2. great shots! is your backpack herschel? gwapo mo!

  3. I still think it's better to do that in the outdoors.

  4. You have such an awesome sense of style and your photography skills are mad! Following this blog from now on! Keep up the great work!

  5. I love this set. So gritty and stylish at the same time.