Thoughts Abroad

Beige has never really been a colour I've commonly worn. Really, up until last year I wouldn't have been caught wearing this entire outfit. It's not that I wouldn't have liked the outfit before, I just wouldn't have made the effort when I was living in Australia. I believe many guys relate to this simply because clothes are so darn expensive in Australia. Since living in the Philippines I've been blessed to have the opportunity to indulge in different tastes in style simply because the clothes are more affordable. 

This Jack London button-down I picked up really tops it off. And when you simply include an additional colour like my Topman rucksack, the maroon colour gives the outfit a great finishing touch. But hey I'm no style guru, I'll let you be the judge.

Having a few hours to kill, my friends and I spent the time wandering around New Farm. It was lucky to even have the opportunity to bask in the sunny skies with all this rain constantly coming and going. But I really like this shot of Frip and I pictured above, aside from a nice photo, it's not often we have the time to hang out.

Taken inside the book room of my mates house. A house of which was once originally a private hospital in the early 70's, had then been converted into an 8 bedroom mysterious fort overseeing the beautiful city of Brisbane.

Desert suede Sebago shoes, Topman trousers, Arvust plain tee, Jack London button-down and Seiko vintage leather strap watch.

Photos by Khai Van Kampen


  1. The pictures are really nice! I love them. And I like your outfit too :)

  2. these photos are great! It looks like something you could exhibit :)

  3. The house must be a lil scary?