Concrete Hoodlum

A weekend tumbling around Hong Kong can be a overwhelming feeling, with rundown apartment buildings and hidden doors radiating a gritty grunge feel. The streets are alive with a independent and unique street style, on show throughout the youth community.

Just as sun was about to set,  we needed to get some last minute shots in order for our day to be complete. Lost in the streets of Yau Mau Teh, Khai and I decided to pick a random residential apartment building with our fingers crossed that they'll be open access to the rooftop.

By the time the never-ending flights of stairs came to a cold metal doorwar, we were welcomed with the most immaculate skyline sunset. It was the perfect timing to capture anything within the vicinity of the rooftop and believe it or not, we weren't alone. An unfortunate sight to see, we came across a family illegally vacating the other half of the rooftop access. It was quite awkward at the start overwhelming the family with our surprise, we shortly acknowledged by one of the residents when they saw we mean't no harm.

There were even ferral cats roaming around the rooftops, eager to know what we were getting up to.

Admittedly the jumper is not mine, but actually a friend Khai's, who had been travelling with me, that it was too good not feature. Aside from being the appropriate attire for the particular climate, the texture and simplicity of the jacket ended up looking really cool when we came across this gritty deserted rooftop.

Redwing boots, Lee Clothing Swagger Skins, Stussy hoody, Timex Nato watch.

Photos by Khai Van Kampen


  1. Very nice photos Robbie!! So nice that you're finally blogging again.

  2. Yay you're back to blogging! :)