The Dappers Desire

There are so many clothing stores in Brisbane city selling the same clothes it's not funny. My friends and I came across the clothing store named LACED. It was only since I left Australia to move to the Philippines that this store had opened, so taking my first step inside was rather exciting. The shoes were just awesome! With a great selection of Vans, Nikes and New Balance kicks, you definitely won't find such variety in any other generic clothing store. Even the backpacks were pretty gnarly because I hadn't seen such detailed designs before. I must say it was rather amusing to see new inspiration, especially when theres Danny Brown (rapper) playing through the speakers, it no doubt gives the street dapper vibe.

Very clean and tidy, mint.

The backpacks are awesome. Detailed designed backpacks like these really add the extra touches to an outfit.

I'm sure some of you recognize these shoes


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  2. nice one... leopard printed shoes....

  3. Are those Herschel back packs? The prints were awesome! Another thing that caught my eye was the Leopard-like print shoes. Are those Vans? damn! I really want the green one! Nice post mate!


  4. I'm sure some of you recognize these shoes - hmmmmm, Vice Ganda i think :) nice post. jaw dropping shoes.

  5. wooooooo! shoes!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Michael Macalos