East-Side Swole

I’m back in the game.

It took me a week to get back into the rhythm since returning to the Philippines. Last week I was totally out of it having to go under minor surgery for a knee operation. The day before I was in Canberra (capital of Australia) obtaining my Filipino citizenship. The last few days before departing back home, I had the opportunity to do some construction work, thanks to my mate Dean. He required an extra set of hands and it was a great experience that put me back into routine, continuously waking up at 5am each morning.

Now I’m settled down back in Manila with a great sleeping pattern set in stone. I have found myself to be customarily proactive. Damn! Why wasn’t I in the routine a long time ago? Imagine all Filipino’s waking up 6am to start their day, the country would be a lot more productive. One day I hope. Aside from my digital camera, I have been hurling around a new novel I’ve been reading by author Neil Strauss and my Tagalog Dictionary. Never in the world would I have thought I would aspire to be a bookworm but then again it seems to be slowly paying off intellectually haha. Well, my adventure in Australia is still not yet over with many photos yet to post. So stay in touch.

MSENSE Vintage watch, Topman blue button down, Topman Chino's, Industrie desert boots, Death by Zero tee.


  1. I was kinda waiting for your posts bro. I like your fashion sense that I want to emulate it.. :) Keep it up..

  2. I'm glad you're back Mr.Robbie! I love this one a lot :-)


  3. ei robbie, do you have any Filipino blood? you look like one with foreign blood..hehehe.. good to know you're acquiring Filipino citizenship...