Bench Rocks With Adam Levine

It was a very surreal moment for me. I never realized that I would get the chance to see an idol up close and personal. There's always talk about it either hearing it from a friend or a friends-friend who witnessed a celebrity in person. But when you finally get to experience it yourself, it comes as one big surprise. I wasn’t lucky enough to get a photo opportunity due to time constraints but being able to witness Adam Levine in person was a great moment. Thanks to Bench Clothing who proudly introduced him as their newest endorser at yesterday’s exclusive press conference.

I have always admired Maroon 5 since day one when their hit debut 'This Love' reached the charts for the first time. But it was only when 'She Will Be Loved' became such a hit that I noticed it was that very song itself that had glued to a particular girl. I was in my early teenage years at high school. Haha, and I'm sure I wasn't the only guy who had the same effect towards that song. Nowadays, Maroon 5 are just absolutely killin' it, releasing multiple hit singles, that it's just plain weird for teenagers to have never of heard the name ‘Maroon 5’ or specifically, leading man Adam Levine. Not only is Adam seen as a role model to young aspiring singers and teenage girls, but he also has wins the admiration from the guys - a respect very hard to obtain in today’s alternative pop culture. 

I must say Adam Levine seemed very tired for the interview as he just arrived from South Korea the night before, so props to him for making the effort to attend. Although the interview had been very short, it was great to hear Adam speak as an honest individual, expressing his thoughts about his career at this very point in time and willingly give advice to the audience. Happy to share intimate details about his fashion sense. Adam regards his style as simple yet tidy, so long as the clothes are durable to last for a long period of time. Having many pairs of socks is a necessity for him, as he has a tendency for losing them. Haha. And also, he likes plain colored polo t-shirts in particular to avoid attracting too much attention. With that being said, this is why he particularly favors Bench Clothing as an endorsement. 

With such a strong rivalry between leading clothing brands Bench and Penshoppe, this by far one of the biggest endorser claims for Bench Clothing. Take in mind, Penshoppe have a long list of hollywood a-list celbs including Zac Efron, Ed Westwick, Mario Maurer and Leighton Meester under their belt, the war between endorsement ownership is far from over.