Making the effort yesterday to pass by Shangri La Plaza, I found time to drop by the one and only Trilogy Boutique. Well it's actually one of three stores, but I like to call it 'one and only' simply because this place is legit! If you're a guy like me who generally focus' on everyday street wear apparel, then you won't go wrong with this store. From Vans to Obey, all the way to independent brands such as G.P.P.R. they'll most certainly have something in stock tailored towards your liking. And if you're curious to indulge even more on the selected brands and styles, Trilogy Boutique Alabang is said to be a whole new level of an in-store showcase with its iconic skatepark built inside.

 Goofing around as usual haha.

I think I've found my next pair of Vans, what do you think?

Any more questions, feel free to contact me via facebook or even browse their store online via:

It's so cool!

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  1. i envy that you can take pictures in the stores. most boutiques dont allow that. - Josh