Finally it feels great to be back in business. Since returning back to Manila work has been non stop for me, and I swear things pick up just as fast as this weather's picking up this season. Upon my arrival, I've been here working part-time for Jing Monis Salon as their graphic designer & I.T. coordinator while I continue with modeling and my endeavors to learn Tagalog. It's honestly been an awesome experience and for once I honestly know what it's like now to actually enjoy going to work. Hence the longboard... Ahh yes the infamous longboard has worked wonders for me getting by here in Manila as I'm the frustrated type when it comes to peak-hour traffic. So this is what I've been kitted-up in to cope with the mildly-warm temperatures - loose tee's, chino's and my wannabe trademark Comme Des Fuck Down snapback cap. Yeah I'll admit it's getting over-worn already but fuck, it's a dope hat. 

Dweeb shirt from Topman, blue Arvust chino's, Comme Des Fuck Down hat by Comme Des Gascon


  1. I saw you before at Mercato but I was too shy to say hi :)) I hope to meet you soon! haha I love the hat and shirt!

    Check out my blog? :)

  2. Great set of photos Robbie. Rugged but stylish.


  3. That snapback is to die for! Awesome photos as always, Robbie!


  4. Been a fan of your blog ever since I saw you on Etcetera! Way to go with the latest posts. Your photography angles are awesome. Each perspective gives you a different storyline.