Stored Memories

Having the opportunity to take photos and upload my life adventures is one of the many reasons why I enjoy blogging. Even if I'm just keeping it simple and enjoying the moments with my friends, the blog is a life-long diary to one day look back on. While some people appreciate expressing their stories through words, I obviously enjoy fulfilling my adventure with the camera in one hand. And as we realize the worlds attention span is becoming shorter and shorter, photography is gaining its upper hand thanks to the help of modern technology. Hope you enjoy the shots.


  1. I agree with Mecoy. The photos are so cool, with story behind it. :D I love your girl friend's peplum racerfront top.

    xx Diana

  2. Nice. Kayo pa ba ni Laureen Uy ? :)) Hope to see more photos of you two. I'm such a fan xD

  3. WOBBIEEEEEE I'm so proud of you. Message me after flight. Ps the top is from Talulah.