Memory Lane

Here I am again back in the city reliving the high school days in the alleyway, exactly how it use to be in my last years of school. Back then we would all gather up on a Friday afternoon, kids from all-over different schools meeting together in the one area to hang out and relieve ourselves over a not-so-fun week at school. If it wasn't for the alleyway, I wouldn't have met all the people I know today especially my buddies Simone and Khai. I always thought to myself that I would never miss school as I was just so eager to graduate, but now I think about it the tables have turned. It just makes me realize that you have to make the most of it in life, no matter where you are. Because when you look back in time, you wanna have no regrets and say in simple words - "my life was awesome".

Photos by Khai Van Kampen

Thrifted Airforce button down, Cheap Monday pants, Kickers shoes, Axis watch, Obey black fedora, Arvust tee and shades by SuperRetroFuture

Majority of the clothes from GENERAL PANTS CO. They have an online store worth checking out with all of the latest Australian fashion trends found directly through their outlets.


  1. cue love her style as well as yours

  2. im really dying to know, where on earth you get those "Thrifted" clothes ?? haha :)

  3. really love the photo! :) can't wait a next post . ^^
    just discover you blogs today.

  4. Hey Robbie! Are those shoes from Kickers here in Manila or Australia? I really like your shoes and Kickers! I hope they have that style here. And that's the jacket you blogged about thrifted clothes, right? Awesome! Have fun in Australia!

  5. Her style is amazing! Are her boots and long jacket also from GP? If so, can't wait to shop for them in Melb!

  6. I really love the photos Mate! I also love your shoes! :)